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The Grand Meshmosh Hotel

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Gemmayzeh, Beirut district

Nested on St Nicolas stairs, The Grand Meshmosh Hotel is a haven of peace and quietness in the heart of the city. A lot more than just a hotel, a hostel, or a guesthouse, The Grand Meshmosh Hotel was conceived as a meeting place between traditional Lebanese youth and travelers from around the globe. It is the ideal place for people who want to connect, get away from the busy Beirut night scene, but also enjoy a whole lot of different cultural and social events part of The Grand Meshmosh Hotel program.

As a young boy growing up in Beirut, Michel was known by the affectionate nickname of “Meshmosh”, Arabic for apricot. That name reminds him of a forgone era, one in which doors were left open and neighbours lived together as one family. Today, he called “Meshmosh” the place where that conviviality is recreated. The adjective “Grand” was added in recognition of the historical importance of its location – a traditional building where Lebanese political activism took its first steps.

Operative since January 2016, The Grand Meshmosh Hotel is the result of years of research and travels aimed at designing the perfect venue. More than just a simple accommodation, it is a meeting place that fosters interaction between different communities – including travellers and Lebanese of various provenience and background.

During the day, the colourful outdoor patio is the perfect spot to read or have a coffee, while at night emerging artists and musician are often invited to showcase their work. By means of art and culture, The Grand Meshmosh Hotel aims to bridge differences, promote mutual understanding and build a more peaceful future.

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