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Massabki Hotel

  • hotel & resort
  • restaurant
  • international cuisine

Chtaura, Zahleh district

Massabki Hotel is a boutique hotel built in Chtaura Bekaa in 1920, decorated with quality furniture, artwork, unique character and atmosphere. Since that date it has been a place of choice for presidents, royalties, poets from the region and the Westerner world. How many times have you been in the conventional hotels around the world? What do you remember from these hotels? Your room? The reception? The lobby? What memories did you take home with you? Why let such a travelling experience goes unnoticed. 

At Massabki Hotel they tend to change all this. Their hotel is very exclusive with its cozy environment, traditional yet comfortable furniture, beautiful courtyards, and welcoming staff, and unique forest of 16000 m2 surrounding the hotel in Chtaura Beqaa, with its own private river (probably one of the very few in the world). The Massabki hotel tells a unique story and offers a special living experience. 

They promise you to depart loaded with unforgettable memories. Their motto is "Everything is possible " they strive to make it as easy, and as pleasant for you to stay and take home stories of exotic living with you. 

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