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Domaine des Oliviers

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Smar Jbeil, Batroun district

Domaine des Oliviers is an exclusive guesthouse set in landscaped olive gardens in Smar Jbeil, one of the oldest villages in the Batroun District. The guesthouse consists of 5 thoughtfully built houses set in a vast landscape, dotted with olive trees, and connected by a vast central, colorful garden.

The architecture transports you through three generations, starting from the 1500s through the 1860s and then to 2020. It showcases local materials, including solid wood, hand carved stones, and clay roof tiles. These same materials are translated into different types of construction and stone carving to convey three different generations by mixing wooden beams, wooden wind...

Le Domaine des Oliviers is not just a guesthouse, it is an experience. It is a melting pot that embraces traditional Lebanese culture, while at the same time allowing modern and international influences to shine through.

Whether seeking a haven of relaxation, a comfortable retreat, or a family vacation at the heart of nature, every guest will find their home at Domaine des Oliviers. Without having to leave the domain, you will find an addiction in impeccable hospitality, intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens, swimming pools, meeting and event spaces, sunset bars, fun sports, amusing entertainment, and organic crops locally grown on the domain. Experience an adventure, a world away, an escape from the everyday, a retreat to the extraordinary. Sleep in comfy rooms, enjoy a morning walk in the gardens, relax in outdoor wooden seating area...

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