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LMT 7 Qozhaya - Bcharreh

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Qozhaya, Zgharta district

Trail length 13,2 km

North to South
From Qozhaya to Bcharreh
Total ascent 1156m
Total descent 771m
Level of difficulty Difficult (5h30)

South to North
From Bcharreh to Qozhaya
Total ascent 771m
Total descent 1156m
Level of difficulty Difficult (5h30)

This section allows hikers to explore in detail the monuments and nature of the Ouadi Qannoubine, one of the two major valleys that form the Qadisha Valley World Heritage site. Ouadi Qannoubine is readily accessible all year long. It is deeply revered by tourists and pilgrims alike. Main highlights include monasteries, chapels and hermitages cut into the rock face of the valley. The river that carves out the floor of the valley has water flowing only in the springtime. The views east toward the high peaks of the Lebanon mountains and the ancient stand of cedar trees above Bcharre are spectacular.
Start near Qozhaya Monastery and take the trail passing onto the orchards, take a footpath downhill, cross the water metal pipes, reach the hamlet of el Fraidis, cross it and walk on another footpath, once you are on a concrete canal, continue and few meters and climb left toward the monastery of Our Lady of Qannoubine, continue down the footpath to the same water canal, after passing the restaurant of Abou Joseph, make sure not to take the dirt road but follow a path to the right, later you will reach the same dirt road. At the end of this road before reaching the restaurants take a paved road to the left toward Mar Lichaa monastery, the path start to climb toward Bcharre village at the second turn to the left, be careful from the steep ascent and delicate passages secured with chains. This section ends at the info panel on the main paved road. On this section you will find other blazes than the LMT in red and white, yellow and white and blue and white. These marks belong to a network of trails which you should not follow if you are walking on the LMT.

Important to know
- There are some difficult and slippery passages along this section; the trail consists of dirt and paved roads, footpaths, goat trails and water canals.
- This section is completely marked. There are other way marking signs along this section (white and yellow), if you are using the LMT trails stay always on the white and purple marking. 
- If you plan to walk alone, please inform the LMTA about the dates of your trip at info@lebanontrail.org and ask for the GPS track.
- For your stay, contact the guesthouse or the guide few days before you start your trip.

Getting there
From Beirut, take the coastal highway to Chekka. About 2 km after the tunnel, go right to Amioun and Tourza. When the road divides just before Tourza, take the exit on the left and continue directly to Ehden. When you reach Aarbet Qozhaya, take a right turn toward Saint Anthony of Qozhaya monastery. When the road divides just before Tourza, take the right-hand exit towards Hadath el Jebbeh, Hasroun, Bazaoun and Bcharreh.

Source: Lebanon Mountain Trail Association