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LMT 16 Mtein - Falougha

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Mtein, Matn district

Trail length 16,5 km

North to South
From Mtein to Falougha
Total ascent 972m
Total descent 574m
Level of difficulty Difficult (5h)

South to North
From Falougha to Mtein
Total ascent 574m
Total descent 972m
Level of difficulty Challenging (5h)

Start your hike from the same place where you finished the day before in the historic main square of el Mtain which, by the way, is worth a proper visit. Take the tiny paved road next to the LMT information panel which leads you to the silk factory and then follow the flight of steps next to it to arrive on the paved road. Walk downhill a few meters before turning right at the marks and taking the steps to reach the main Mchikha-el Mtain paved road. Go across it and continue past the molasses (dibs) press, leaving the cow farm on your left. Walk downstream and then cross the bridge before taking the cleared path through the oak and pine forest. Go past the deserted hamlet and then take the dirt road below the umbrella pine forest. After making several turns, leave the road on an un-cleared path towards the valley and walk along it until you reach the paved road. Then cross the bridge and take the cleared path on the other side of the valley before starting your climb up to the dirt road. You pass by some farms as well as a remarkable oak tree before taking a right turn in front of the communication tower. Walk along the dirt road and then take the path to the left until you start the steep climb to reach Jouar el Haouz village. Then cross the road and continue on the dirt road, passing by the water reservoir and Ain el Rejme from where you start to climb to the right towards the ridge above the hill lake. Continue walking along the path then the dirt road before leaving it further on and descending towards the end of this section which is at Soha Village resort.

Important to know
- There are no difficult passages along this section; the trail consists of dirt and paved roads, water pipes and goat trails.
- This section is completely marked. There are damage along the trail under Jouar el Haouz village. 
- If you plan to walk alone, please inform the LMTA about the dates of your trip at info@lebanontrail.org and ask for the GPS track.
- For your stay. contact the guesthouse or the guide few days before you start your trip.

Getting there
To reach Mtein, go straight through Bikfaya and climb up to Dhour ech Choueir and Mrouj. In Mrouj, turn right to el Mtain where the trail starts at the main square. The LMT is accessible from el Mtain and Baskinta. The roads are paved and public transportation is available.
A quicker way to Falougha and Qornayel is to go along the main Damascus highway from Beirut to Dahr el Baidar from where you can turn left turn to both towns. The LMT is accessible from all these locations. The roads are paved and public transportation is available to Falougha, Qornayel and Mtein.

Source: Lebanon Mountain Trail Association