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LMT Bkassine Side Trail P1

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Bkassine, Jezzine district

Trail length 7,5 km

North to South
From Bkassine to Niha Fort
Total ascent 298m 
Total descent 678m
Level of difficulty Very Difficult 

South to North
From Niha Fort to Bkassine
Total ascent 678m 
Total descent 298m
Level of difficulty Very Difficult

The Bkassine side trail is U-shaped. Both ends start at Bkassine main square, one segment heading towards Jezzine village and the second towards Niha fort. To go from Mar Takla church in Bkassine square to Niha fort, head east following the footpaths and dirt roads to reach the abandoned village of Kfar Taala. Continue towards the river bed, crossing the old bridge next to the water mill, then climb towards Aaray village. Follow the blazes to reach el Moukhalles Convent in Bhannine, then go uphill to the paved road between Bater and Jezzine and further up past Ain el Malayke until you reach Niha fort entrance at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve.
To go from Mar Takla church in Bkassine square to Jezzine, head west to Bkassine pine forest. Turn left at La Maison de La Forêt then climb again into Bkassine pine forest to reach the paved road of Jezzine – Bkassine. Cross the road and climb up past Ain el Toghra, Jezzine country club and continue over to Ain el Zaarour. Walk for about 2km to a scenic overlook and enjoy the view to the West overlooking the sea. Walk downhill past Ain el Ouasta to Ouadi el Manzoul where old terraces are scattered along the stream until you reach the main Jezzine - Kfarhouna road. Continue uphill past Serhal palace through a beautiful forest. From there start your descent toward Jezzine.

Important to know
- There are no difficult passages along this section; the trail consists of dirt roads, footpaths and goat trails.
- This section is completely marked. 
- If you plan to walk alone, please inform the LMTA about the dates of your trip at info@lebanontrail.org and ask for the GPS track.
- For your stay and hike, contact the guesthouse or the guide few days before you start your trip.

Getting there
From Beirut, take the coastal highway south to Saida. From Saida, take the road towards Jezzine. Past Roum and Homsiyeh villages, take a turn to the left towards Bkassine.

Source: Lebanon Mountain Trail Association