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Wissam Houry - Zakour

  • traditional handicraft
  • leather
  • bags & accessories

Tayouneh, Beirut district

Wissam Houry was taught to work with leather at the age of 13 by his father. He quit university after 3 years of law school and decided to throw himself in developing his father’s workshop. The business started even earlier than that, when Wissam’s grandfather learnt how to make horse saddles and other leather goods thanks to the French gendarmes. As the third generation to take over the family business, Wissam and his father stitch, assemble and sew bridles, girths, and other horse-riding equipment by hand. Wissam tests the equipment himself in order to make sure the product works efficiently and to see how the horse reacts and adapts to it. Wissam has participated in numerous exhibitions in Lebanon, in cooperation with different municipalities, and he says that social media has helped him target a bigger audience.