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  • traditional handicraft
  • cement tiles
  • decorative items

Zahleh, Zahleh district

Tilda Moutran’s talent was highlighted through her love for art. She started painting on tea cups, coffee cups and simple ceramics as a hobby. She was then asked to sell her cups, and thought about turning her hobby into a business. She then took her passion to a new level, after learning new skills to enrich her love for art, which led her to craft handmade tiles in timeless designs and open her own business with her son, Tiles & Co.Tiles & Co is a Lebanese tile manufacturer and factory established in 2013. Tiles & Co specializes in crafting handmade cement tiles with an unlimited range of designs and colors. Customer satisfaction has always been the company’s main focus, as they are committed to delivering excellent service and high-quality products of optimal value to their customers. Tiles & Co are also passionate about innovation and continual improvement, relentlessly pursuing fresh trends in design, diverse global markets, new customer bases, and original technologies to leverage their capabilities and expand on their product range. Tiles & Co’s desire is to always be recognized as an industry professional built on good ethics, family values, solid governance and exceptional execution.