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Lebaa, Jezzine district

Shefaa Soaps’ ambition is to help our current society to find a qualitative and healthy lifestyle. To return to the use of natural, healthy and organic products. Their mission is to be the leader in the manufacturing and the sale of high-end and organic soaps in the Middle East and the rest of the world, by being efficient and providing quality products, according to market demands and in compliance with the norms and standards of health. Aleppo soap is one of the oldest soaps in the world. It is handmade and is composed of extra virgin olive oil and pure laurel oil. To obtain a quality soap and preserve the benefits of the used ingredients, the soap is produced during the coldest months of the year, between November and April. Made from an artisanal production and totally natural ingredients, Shefaa soaps are authentic, versatile and rich in therapeutic and dermatological virtues, offered in liquid or solid form. They are excellent for your body and help prevent all type of skin problems. For example, the Beiloun soap (Aleppo clay) and coconut oil help prevent hair loss and treats dandruff. The black cumin soap (nigella), honey or tea tree helps to heal the irritations and inflammations of your skin, eliminates pimples and problems caused by acne. Finally, soaps with rose water, almond oil or jasmine have regenerative and firming virtues. They are considered as a natural anti-wrinkle.