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Peter Khatcherian

  • traditional handicraft
  • wood
  • pipe maker

Bourj Hammoud, Matn district

Peter Khatcherian grew up in a house filled with the smell of his father’s tobacco pipe. As his father was a carpenter and Peter himself had a keen passion for drawing, he learnt and worked as an interior designer for a while. He had to stop due to the chaotic situation in the country, and decided to learn how to make fine jewelry. He subsequently opened a workshop, and since photography had been a hobby of his, he specialized in photographing jewelry. When he was younger, Peter started smoking pipes and collecting them. Curious about how they were made, this drove him to get a piece of wood and try carving his own pipe. He fell in love, and has been a pipe maker for the last 15 years. When one buys a pipe, they are buying more than that; they are buying passion and hard work.