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Noubar Eskidjian

  • traditional handicraft
  • metal & copper
  • decorative items

Bourj Hammoud, Matn district

Noubar Eskidjian is an artisan specialized in copper. Copper work is not only a passion for him, but also a family craft, since his father worked with copper before him. His overcrowded workshop and his little store are located in Bourj Hammoud, which he claims is an inspiration to him, and his family, and where he works hand-in-hand with other artisans of the neighbourhood. Noubar also works with architects in Lebanon. His know-how, learnt through his father, has allowed him to develop an impeccable technique and acquire a solid experience. Through his craft, Noudar transmits notions of heritage. He also expresses the rejection of the automation of handicrafts, and of productivity as watchword over quality, social cohesion and the appreciation of well-done work.