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  • needlework & weaving
  • clothes
  • bags & accessories

Baadaran, Chouf district

It is not very frequent to find a traditional abaya weaver who still uses silk or wool like in olden times. Nazih Baz grew up watching his grandfather make fabric and subsequently embroidering it with gold and silver thread. His village, Baadaran, is well-known for its weaving and the mixture of different patterns and styles. Nazih inherited the family business in 1979. He handmakes abayas and other textiles using a century-old loom that involves the use of a special technique that his grandfather taught him; up to 24 different pedals are used to operate the loom. He defines his work, which he views as more than simple work, as “music where each twine has a note of its own.” Although Nazih believes in maintaining traditions, he started handcrafting ‘modern’ accessories, such as wallets, jewellery boxes, phone cases, makeup pouches, designed for young people on a budget and tourists. He also owns a guesthouse in his village of Baadaran, which provides accommodation for hikers who wish to discover and explore the fauna and flora of the Chouf region.