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Nadim and Bianca Tahtouh

  • traditional handicraft
  • glass
  • decorative items

Zahleh, Zahleh district

Nadim Tahtouh was born in Zahle, Lebanon. After graduating from the Instituto Europeo Di Design in Milano with a Diploma in Photography Arts and Techniques, he first worked as a reporter for a local newspaper in Brianza (Italy) for several years. One day, after he met local glassworkers and painters, he was inspired by their work and decided to start learning the craft, and they taught him the secrets of the trade. 

Today, along with his other half, Bianca Tahtouh, a graphic designer, graduate of the Istituto Statale D'arte Di Firenze, they returned to their hometown, Zahle, in 2001, and started working with stained glass and fusing, importing all the raw material and equipments from Italy.