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La Maison du Craft

  • traditional handicraft
  • metal & copper
  • decorative items

Mreijeh, Baabda district

Hassan Wehbe has been a crafter for more than 25 years, aside from being the Craftsmen Captain of Lebanon. His work mostly revolves around antiques and items belonging to the Lebanese heritage. The items he works on are mainly made of material such as wood, copper, glass, and some are even coated with silver or gold. He is a well-known name in this trade due to his vast knowledge on handicrafts. As Hassan tends to pay close attention to the finest details, most items are individually handmade. He works on pieces like chandeliers, kitchenware, wall art and home decorating items. His workshop, La Maison du Craft, is located in Beirut, near the Airport Street. He has been located in that area since the beginning.