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Saida, Saida district

The story begins in Saida, Lebanon back in 1930 where the “Khawabi Abboud” company was founded by Ibrahim Khalil Abboud. What began as an olive oil mill has been passed down three generations, first to his son, Albert, and is currently under the management of his grandchildren, Zahia and Ibrahim. The name of the company was inspired by the « khawabi » itself, the traditional container that stores olive oil. It dates to the 18th century and was one of the first methods to cool and store recently pressed olive oil. Because olive oil making is seasonal in nature, soap-making soon became the focus of Khawabi Abboud during the previously unprofitable months as a direct extension of our olive oil mill, thus turning them into fruitful ones. It took several years to perfect the art of soap making and develop the perfect bar of soap. The company been inspired and passionate about traditional methods for soap-making while adding a little twist every now and to refine shapes and scents. The result, the current Khawabi Abboud soap, is an aromatic one with a smooth and silky texture that moisturizes the skin, and above all, is infused with the best natural oils. In 2002, the soap making hobby turned into a small business when we started supplying Audi Museum with “baladi” soap, known as traditional soap. They started out small, selling their handmade soaps at farmers’ markets and to kind neighbors. From there, their catalog began to grow and their offerings became more creative.