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Khalifeh Blown Glass

  • traditional handicraft
  • glass
  • decorative items

Sarafand, Saida district

In Sarafand, 14km from Saida, Khalifeh Blown Glass manufactures clear and transparent glass. The Khalifeh family has been handing down glass blowing techniques and secrets for generations, as the craft of blown glass flows through their veins. Every family member knows how to blow glass, learning at a very young age. They offer a range of products, such as traditional drinking bottles, jagged vases, glasses and pitchers, in a variety of colours. Today, the Khalifeh family uses recycled glass, an initiative made possible by Ziad Abichaker, founder and CEO of Cedar Environmental, a Lebanese recycling company. They melt the glass in their 2000-year-old Phoenician furnace before remoulding it.