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Mtayleb, Matn district

Founded in 1960, IRAP is a non-profit, non-political institution specializing in educational support, development and rehabilitation of deaf children and young adults, allowing them to follow a normal academic life, to acquire professional capabilities and become fully integrated in society.

IRAP expanded during the Lebanese civil war by helping, protecting and empowering people of all regions and religious backgrounds to achieve their potential. It then created several sustainable projects that nowadays, are the pillars of IRAP self-help philosophy:

- Sheltered workshops :  For both deaf and non-handicapped participants, handicrafts ateliers and pastries and cooked meals kitchens.
- Community development initiatives: In Ain Biakout (Beirut suburb) based on the 3 pillars Education - Labor - Health, IRAP implemented a platform for work, care, education, dialogue, ties of solidarity and mutual assistance among the different communities.
- The Cafeteria of Hotel Dieu de France Hospital: Operating with the help of volunteers, it is a place of integration for deaf people and an important source of revenue for IRAP.
- ACCUEIL IRAP - The Concept Store : A symbol of self-sustainability and a vehicle for IRAP’s revenue generating efforts.

Under one roof, ‘La Boutique’, a point of sales for IRAP sheltered workshops, ‘La K-Fête’, a coffeeshop and restaurant and, multipurpose events spaces available for rent, all run by our deaf community. For more than 60 years and still, IRAP’s mission is about helping, in the spirit of hospitality, openness and service.