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  • traditional handicraft
  • needlework & weaving
  • clothes
  • bags & accessories
  • decorative items

Baalbak, Baalbak district

Hayat Al Rifai has been working with a unique embroidery technique known as taree since the age of 14, but she learned this skill long before. In fact, this skill has been passed on for more than 180 years in her family, based in Baalbak. The only material required is a canvas, fabric, and a needle; it can be done on anything - on dresses, clothes, scarves, bags, etc.
 Along the years, she gave many courses in different organizations, such as the Lebanese organization of studies and training in Baalbak, the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), and even taught some girls at home in order to keep this part of Baalbak’s heritage alive. She claims that this type of work is usually done by unemployed women, for it requires a lot of free time, and it is usually worn by women from the upper society because of its high value and price. Hayat and her team offer other types of handwork as well, from crochet, to oya, makuk and so on.