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Golden Glass / Koubaitry Glass

  • traditional handicraft
  • glass
  • decorative items

Beddawi, Minieh-Dannieh district

Golden Glass was founded in 1949 by Mr. Hassan Koubaytari. It was a small factory producing glass containers by hand, using traditional equipment. In 1995, Koub Glass was founded as a new company; it’s a Glass & Caps trading company, with more than 70 articles to offer. Each article has its own sub items with a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs of glass containers and closures. Now, after the big effort of the last two Koubaytari generations, Golden Glass and Koub Glass have become two of the leading companies of glass industry and trading in the Middle East area, and count 120 employees, 8 of whom are dedicated solely to handmade blown glass production. Each of them works the glass on a long term, for it needs a month and a half to reach the 1500 degrees celsius necessary for its melting. Indeed, even though they are specialized in the glass manufacturing industry and over the years they developed their working techniques with the help of machines, some designs remain impossible to achieve if not made by hand such as jugs, glasses, and vases. In the beginning of 2009, the company began to work towards a new project under the management of Marwan Koubaytari: exporting their products and the Lebanese tradition all over the world. They turned to the Italian market, as it is one of the most important glass producers with the oldest tradition in this sector. They started using furnaces, machines and equipment made by the most qualified Italian companies, and they were joined by an Italian team specialized in glass production. Koub Glass uses 100% recycled glass in their production, with an approximate amount of 15 tons per day. Still in this eco-responsible outlook, they have also recycled the glass shards collected after the explosion of August 4, 2020. Today, Koub Glass offers a wide variety of modern products such as gallons, bottles, jars, centerpieces, plates and many more. Their products are known all over the world, especially in Lebanon, MEA, Europe and USA.