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  • needlework & weaving
  • decorative items
  • clothes

Hazmieh, Baabda district

Mrs. Ghofran Yaghy is a passionate Lebanese designer. She dedicates her time to reviving the local folklore and Eastern fashion in her unique Abaya and accessory designs. Every piece of clothing, accessory and wall rugs tells a unique story about how our grandparents lived, and the wisdom they carried through local sayings.,Ghofran designed the authentic Lebanese folklore costume with the ‘tantour,’ and used old Lebanese coins, such as the ‘Greater Lebanon Piastre’ and the ‘Silver 50 Piastre of 1952,’ to make necklaces, rings, earrings, cufflinks, and to integrate on pieces of clothing she has designed. Last year in 2020, Ghofran launched ‘Café Atelier by Ghofran Yaghi,’ a place for conducting workshops on handmade embroidert and designs, and for unleashing one’s creativity. Ghofran’s message is to always appreciate the wealth of our culture, and her mission is to revive this beautiful culture as part of our modern identity. Every piece is unique and made with passion and love.