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Ghazi Bou Rached

  • traditional handicraft
  • metal & copper
  • decorative items

Jezzine, Jezzine district

Historically speaking, Jezzine has always been known for its handmade crafts, and the making of swords since the beginning of the 17th century. Jezzine has been around long enough to have witnessed the era of the greatest lords and sultans such as prince Béchir Shehab and the sultans of Bani Othman; their own studded swords were actually made in Jezzine. The museum of Istanbul is in fact the biggest proof, for it displays a sword with a pearled wing phoenix emitting from its golden handle under the name of Jezzine - Lebanon. 

The handmade crafts industry in Jezzine grew into different sorts of cutlery, into the art of decorating handles with graving and inlaying inspired by birds of various colors carrying out from the sky of Jezzine to the kings, presidents, and the world of expats a significative alphabet created by the hands of Cudmus as thoughtful and appreciative gifts that are unique in the sense of splendor and beauty of a frequent saying: “The more you look at it; the better it makes you feel.” Eid Bou Rached.