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Cheikh Mohamed Said Fayad & Fils

  • traditional handicraft
  • needlework & weaving
  • clothes

Bcheftine, Chouf district

The craft of handloom is a big part of Arab culture and heritage, specifically in Lebanon, where it holds an important past, especially for the Fayad family who have been engaging with the craft for more than 100 years. It all started when Cheikh Mohamad’s father, Said Fayad, took up the art of weaving, working with linen and muslin fabrics and producing only traditional clergymen robes, rugs, and other similar items. After his passing, Cheikh Mohamad took over his father’s business and developed it further by using new fabrics, designs and artistry, which helped the business garner the success it holds today. Today, Cheikh Mohamad’s children are in charge, who each have different specializations. Cheikh Mohamad and his children received the UNESCO Handcraft Prize in Paris in 2000, before gaining local and international recognition, their items being worn by the upper class and royalty. Today, they specialize in the making of items such as abayas, jackets, scarves, and eastern furniture make out of silk, wool and cotton.