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    Maasser el Chouf, Chouf district

    Ghassan Fayad is the founder of Blatt el-Atiq - "the ancient tile" in English. A passionate and persevering young man, he has revived the use of tiles with characteristic patterns and colours in Lebanon, which had been neglected in the face of the progressive development of ceramics. He aims at preserving the heritage in a country that is gradually falling into ruins, in every sense of the word. Blat el-Atiq allows us to immerse ourselves in the Beirut of the last century and thus take pleasure in visually recalling the traditional homes of the capital, an ode to local craftsmanship. Blat el-Atiq is also a family story, and Ghassan Fayad has made an art out of it. His workshop, located in the Fayad family home in Maaser el Chouf, opened its doors in March 2017 and welcomes visitors from all over the country. His next goal is to have a Lebanese workforce work with him.