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  • traditional handicraft
  • metal & copper
  • decorative items

Qalamoun, Tripoli district

Azzam Hassoun discovered his passion for copper at the age of 8, and started to produce and sell items at the age of 12, along with his brother, Adel Hassoun. Azzam has been working with copper for over 40 years now, with the help of his four brothers and 11 craftsmen in their workshop based in Qalamoun. They specialize in everything relating to copper: brightening, repairing, producing, etc. What makes their work unique is the fact that everything is crafted by hand. Each piece is specially designed by renown designers, such as the famous mezza plates found at Liza Paris and Liza Beirut. Azzam’s work can be found at his shop in Saifi and in Orient 499, all around Lebanon and other Arab countries, as well as in France, where he participated in the Institut du Monde Arabe’s exhibition.