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  • traditional handicraft
  • wicker
  • wood
  • decorative items

Tripoli, Tripoli district

In April 1988, the Mikati brothers, Taha and Najib, founded the association Azm w Saade following their parents’ philanthropic values.Azm W Saade helps support important humanitarian, developmental, educational and social initiatives that serve the community and strengthen the social role of the individual on all levels. The association’s mission is to contribute to the process of developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes and resources of the individual needed to adapt and enhance their participation in the society, to become an active player in the development of the society and to consolidate the principles of community participation and volunteer work among the youth. One of Azm and Saade’s main running projects is the artisanal project. It reflects the importance that the association places on the handicraft sector as a fundamental component of the cultural heritage of the city; combined with education, the association believes it can also be a source of socio-economic empowerment. The project has been running since 2004 and it aims at preserving the local handcraft traditions while simultaneously integrating vulnerable women, school dropouts and persons with special needs in income-generating opportunities.