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Downtown, Beirut district

It is in 1985, during the war, that Gilbert Zouein created Atelier Mabrouk, in order to help refugees fleeing the conflict. Relying on the know-how of female refugees, Mabrouk swiftly teaches the women new embroidery techniques. Sales were organized in Lebanon and in France, and the revenues are used to finance salaries, as well as the purchase of goods and equipment necessary for embroidery and sewing work. The vision of its founder is ambitious: modernize embroidery work and turn it into art. It was also a way to value these women, brutalized by war, by involving them in the creation of real works of art. Mabrouk has grown to become the most upscale household linen design workshops in Lebanon. Embroidery is a demanding art that require as much skill as it does patience. The atelier specializes in various types of fine embroidery: handmade embroidery and machine embroidery. Initially specialized in tablecloths, Mabrouk extended its field of activity to household linen, fine lingerie, and baby linen. Abayas and caftans, witnesses of a Lebanese art of living, also hold a special place in Mabrouk’s productions. Through the quality of its products and the refinement of its embroidery, Mabrouk has acquired a prominent place in the luxury department and occasionally collaborates with major designers.