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Artisanat du Chouf

  • traditional handicraft
  • needlework & weaving
  • clothes
  • decorative items

Baaqline, Chouf district

Artisanat du Chouf is an association created in 1959 by Jamal Alameddine Takieddine. Providing work for Lebanese women, this organization was mainly known for offering all kinds of handwork to Middle East Airlines up until 1977. In 1980, they went through a rough patch and could not really provide a living, as well as an income, to all these working women. However, two years ago, they started selling different items such as embroidery, crochet, makuk and cross stitch on tablecloths, clothes, abayas, etc. The team is made up of a group of seven women working inside the workshop, and other women working from home. In fact, everything they offer is completely for non-profit purposes, since they are selling their items at cost.