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Saida, Saida district

In 2010, Al Rafah for Natural Soapmaking and all its Derivatives and Trade was founded in Erkay, a city in Saida. Their workshop is what every soap lover is looking for: they offer a variety of handcrafted natural soaps that can be used in diverse ways. Al Rafah produces different groups of soaps: “SAV’ART” consists of 5 types of soaps suitable for most common skin afflictions, as well as different face and body beauty products. The “SENS’EA” line is a collaboration with UNIDO and includes six types of cosmetic soaps (olive, laurel, almond, avocado, aloe vera, nigella) and six types of aromatic soaps (gardenia, lemon blossom, lily, lavender, pine, jasmine). The “STOR’EA” line is inspired by the Lebanese heritage, history and geography, and involves a more traditional and cultural aspect of soapmaking. What makes Al Rafah’s soaps special is the fact that they are all made from vegetable oils usually used for cooking and consuming, and are enriched with 5 to 8% of essential and vegetable oils. The soaps are also rich in glycerin and every item is manufactured in accordance with the rules and conditions of environmental preservation, which makes them free from any unnatural preservatives, dyes or scents.