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Zita Fidar

  • pool

Fidar, Jbeil district

The guesthouse comprises 8 rooms, each decorated with minimalist elegance and positioned as close to the sea as possible to enjoy uninterrupted views of beautiful blue waters. The spirit of the house is musical, and it is difficult for the heart and mind not to be taken on a magical journey of sound and silence upon entering the space. Carefully curated with unique design pieces, the guesthouse also acts as an exhibition space, hosting artistic and musical events regularly. Zita Fidar is the vision of Karim, a man passionate about architecture, visual arts, and music. Karim’s first foray into the world of guesthouses was with Zita Brussels, a unique mid-century experience in the Belgian capital. Zita Fidar is a labour of love that extends this spirit of art, soul, and music to Lebanese shores in a unique and elegant package of contemporary architecture. Karim is also passionate about maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and Zita Fidar is an ideal location for soul-searching and detoxing.


Number of rooms 9
Number of guests 18
Price range $$$