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Deir el Ahmar, Baalbak district

The village of Deir El Ahmar is known for its hospitality and the generosity of its people. In an effort to maintain sustainable rural development, WADA has encouraged resident families to refurbish their homes as guesthouses that can host visitors and tourists. WADA arranged for the guesthouse owners to be trained in order to ensure positive experiences for visitors, and engaged youth groups by training them to serve as tour guides who can accompany visitors during their discovery of the natural, historic, and religious sites of the village. The network currently includes 30 guesthouses, all of which are eco-friendly. WADA has worked to equip the guesthouses with solar panels in order to promote the use of solar energy, as well as promoting recycling by providing composting and sorting bins. This project serves as a prime example of increasing the income of families and reinforcing dialogue between the different hosting and visiting parties.


Number of rooms 65
Number of guests 150
Price range $