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Shebbak Habib


Deir el Qamar, Chouf district

Deir El Qamar, “Monastery of the Moon”, the first Lebanese capital in modern history for more than three centuries (1516 to 1860), is located 35 kilometers south-east of Beirut in the Shouf District of Mount Lebanon, at an average altitude of 900 meters. Shebbak Habib, “Window of Habib”, has a uniquely unduplicated architecture, not just in Lebanon but worldwide. With its triangular geometry, irregular-shaped rooms, and its quad-arch, each limestone and stair of the guesthouse has a story to tell. Shebbak Habib has 7 rooms accessible from the common hall, and 2 suites with a private entrance. 

Historically, Youssef Rihane built the house in 1837 as a family house and health clinic. In the mid 1900's, the Dib family converted the house into a theater. The Habib family has recently restored the house into a Lebanese guesthouse. Shebbak Habib is a guesthouse in the heart of Deir El Qamar, on the main road, and directly next to the main square attractions and to the narrow historical streets of the village.


Number of rooms 9
Number of guests 18
Price range $$