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SaQi Guesthouse


Saqi Rechmaya, Jbeil district

A true retreat from the busy world, SaQi guesthouse is a dream come true of nature lovers. The three-bedroom building was passed down to Gisèle from her father and she chose to restore it as a family. Known locally as 'the School' (it was actually a monastery and seminary), SaQi enjoys a peaceful mountain setting. Natural light pours in generously, illuminating plants and flowers, dark wood furniture and colorful fabrics. The interior blends so harmoniously with the surroundings that you feel at one with nature wherever you sit. SaQi Guest House owes its name to the place where it is located, Saqi Rechmaya; it means 'irrigation' or 'water source'. The property, which is surrounded by a pine forest with beautiful hiking trails, is not only a tribute to history, but is also designed to be an extension of the natural setting. Passionate about gardening and ecology, Gisèle has placed recycling and eco-responsible practices at the heart of her project. If SaQi radiates such a beautiful energy, it is undoubtedly because of Gisèle's passion for it. Together with her family, she has devoted her undivided attention to making the place what it is today. The elegant furniture, mixing revisited antique pieces and more modern touches, is an illustration of this among others.


Number of rooms 3
Number of guests 8
Price range $