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Maison Batache


Hasroun, Bcharreh district

In the late 1800s, a visionary young man named Nicolas Batache was born in the Ottoman Al-Askaleh, now known as El-Mina, situated on the breathtaking shore of North Lebanon. Driven by ambition, Nicolas built a business empire helping establish the thriving port of Tripoli, facilitating a flourishing trade route between Italy and Lebanon, and working with his brother George, the consul of Italy in Lebanon. However, amidst his extensive travels and ventures, Nicolas Batache developed an unwavering affection for the picturesque town of Hasroun, captivated by its beautiful red tiles, charming surroundings, and fostered by his close friendship with the Maronite Patriarch of Lebanon, Anthony II Peter Arida. Determined to create his summer sanctuary in the heart of Hasroun, Nicolas searched for the perfect location overlooking the holy valley of Kadisha, where he could relish the most awe-inspiring view imaginable.

Number of rooms 7
Number of guests 22
Price range $