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Lazzab Eco Lodge


Hermel, Hermel district

In order to be a centre for sustainable tourism on ecological and cultural levels, Lazzab Eco Lodge is located on the eastern side of Qornet el Sawda (3089 meters above sea level), the highest peak in Lebanon and the Levant, and in the heart of the widest forest of "lazzab" (juniper trees that grow in this area of Lebanon) where the oldest trees in the world are found, in a pristine environment filled with rare herbs and plants. From Lazzab Eco Lodge, you can see the northern part of Bekaa valley, starting from the villages of Orsal and Labwa to the Syrian villages near the Lebanese frontiers. The club is 20km away from Hermel and 10km from the touristic site Ouyoun Ourgosh, in a place where complete calmness reigns, and where you can liberate your sight with no limits. Lazzab Eco Lodge is located in the El Bweib area known for its dry and non-polluted air, 1900m above sea level.

Furthermore, the lodge has been built in a simple design respecting the surroundings, using ecological materials adequate to the weather. It is a perfect destination for people seeking relaxation and serenity, away from the pollution and the hectic pace of the city. Lazzab Eco Lodge is a special place for all people who search for complete calm: the ecological and local cuisine, comfortable bedrooms with bathrooms, hot water, and air-energy electricity. You can take a long walk to discover other areas in the Hermel mountains, and encounter the locals for a better glimpse of their daily lifestyle. Lazzab Eco Lodge is a simple project which can be a model for reviving the economic cycle in Hermel mountains.


Number of rooms 8
Number of guests 30
Price range $