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    Baalbak, Baalbak district

    L’Annexe is an exceptional accommodation for an exceptional city. Baalbek is like no other city in Lebanon. You approach it, heart first, tiptoeing towards the rich fabric of its historical and cultural makeup. It is a city that belongs to humanity, perhaps even more than it does to the Lebanese people, who are privileged to be its guardians. L’Annexe is a traditional Lebanese home built in the 19th century that includes five rooms and a patio. Light passes through its arched windows, filling the quarters with a golden and ochre glow, and Baalbek’s columns stand proudly in the distance. The melange of Arab and Greek decor becomes a microcosm of Baalbek’s diverse roots: an encounter of peoples and civilisations, where Phoenicia meets Rome, crossing paths with Arab caravaners resting under Baalbek’s sun, whose glorious light inspired the city’s Greek name, Heliopolis.


    Number of rooms 5
    Number of guests 10
    Price range $