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La Maison Rayes

    Achrafieh, Beirut district

    La Maison Rayes is located in the historic Sursock neighbourhood, known for its lavish mansions and luxurious palaces. Bordering the world-renowned Sursock Museum, the guesthouse's eye-catching white door and its bucolic stairs are an unmistakable landmark in the area. Although the house was built in the mid-60s, many of its ornaments were salvaged or inspired from the sumptuous palace that used to stand at the same location. This resulted in a unique composition of architectural influences, such as the gorgeous wooden doors in the main hall adorned with stained glass and Arabic calligraphy — an exceptional blend of Ottoman, Italian and French design. The house was renovated in 2019, giving the bedrooms an ultra-modern look while still reminiscing on the house's rich history, thus seamlessly blending tradition and modernity and that feeling of architectural diversity. This unique mixture of old and new makes staying in this house an incomparable experience. 


    Number of rooms 3
    Number of guests 6
    Price range $$$