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Iskandar Guesthouse


Anfeh, Koura district

Situated in the phoenician town of Anfeh​ and overlooking the mediterranean sea in full view, Iskandar Guesthouse is the perfect place to experience luxury and comfort while indulging in an ambience of tranquility and serenity. Deep phoenician, roman and crusader roots imprinted in Anfeh’s history are prevalent on the architectural site and while visiting Anfeh’s cap. With a clear view of the castle in sight, elements of this history are on full display, surrounding the area with the traditional windmills and enabling our guests to experience the present without disregarding the past. Their guesthouse is marked by its distinctive elegance and style, incorporating a modern concept into the vintage entourage, while remaining authentic to the town’s history and identity.


Number of rooms 7
Number of guests 20
Price range $$