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Ecolodge Taaneyel

    Taaneyel, Zahleh district

    In 2006 Arcenciel built an Ecolodge in Taanayel (Bekaa) to promote sustainable eco-tourism in the region. The architecture of the Ecolodge is inspired by the traditional Lebanese building technique of using clay bricks, which helps to conserve the cultural heritage of the region. The NGO Arcenciel promoted this long-established building method and wrote a book about building eco-friendly houses in the region. Seeking to recreate an experience of the region’s authentic way of living, guests sleep by the ground on wool mattresses - as our ancestors did. Each room of the Ecolodge de Taanayel has a private bathroom with hot water showers powered by solar energy. In addition to the Ecolodge de Taanayel, in 2009 arcenciel built Al Khan al Makssoud, a traditional Lebanese restaurant. In the Arab region, Khan or caravanserai used to be a place where all travellers were welcome to stay and rest on their journey. Travellers could set up their goods in shops and keep their horses in the stables. With its lush gardens, Al Khan al Makssoud is an ideal place for country-style lunches and group gatherings. The rustic regional specialities such as slow-cooked roast mutton draw locals and foreigners alike to the restaurant.


    Number of rooms 7
    Number of guests 35
    Price range $