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Dar Zefta

  • pool
  • sunset spot
  • Lebanese cuisine

Zefta, Nabatieh district

The house was established by Hussein Bek El Darwiche (1872-1940), who was also the governor of several districts in southern Lebanon in the beginning of the 20th century. Construction was completed in 1906. At that time, the house stood alone on top of the hill was visible from all sides, and that from several kilometers away. The house became the cornerstone of what would later become the village of Zefta. Hussein Bek El Darwiche, a skilled politician and loved by the people, built this house, which became the rallying point for southern dignitaries and an oasis of peace for all communities amid the troublesome periods in the early 20th century. He called upon Italian and Oriental architects to construct the house in a unique style, mixing it with a traditional style, which made it very much “avant-garde” within the context of the period.


Number of rooms 10
Number of guests 20
Price range $$$