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Byout Ghalboun

    Ghalboun, Keserwan district

    Byout Ghalboun is a bed and breakfast project located in Ghalboun village, Jbeil caza, on a background of serenity and greenery for a perfect escape away from the city. This project started with two houses: Beit El Dayaa and Beit El Baydar, and will expand in the future. Beit El Baydar is in the middle of a large lot endowed with a large circular baydar (threshing wheat field), a true belvedere overlooking the village and its surroundings. Recently restored, the three-floor house has four double rooms with a centered living room and an open kitchen. 

    A garden and an organic orchard provides fruits and vegetables for breakfast, which is freshly served on a large terrace surrounded by greenery. 


    Number of rooms 9
    Number of guests 22
    Price range $$$