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Beit Tamanna

    Gemmayzeh, Beirut district

    Lebanon, with the mission to fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses. 

    As part of its commitment to children across Lebanon, the offices of Tamanna have been transformed into a dream-like guesthouse in the heart of Beirut, in Gemmayzeh. Located in a traditional Lebanese home, over 400 square meters have been transformed into eight breathtaking guest rooms, each with its own unique identity. The central spaces have been conceptualized for guests to come together, within the charming architectural surroundings.

    Beit Tamanna is an unmatched guesthouse in Lebanon. The concept began with partnering up with renowned Lebanese and international designers, as well as architects and decorators. Their inspiration was left unbounded. Each of them envisioned their dream room, complete with their signature styles and aligned with the mission of the organization. 

    All proceeds from Beit Tamanna will go towards fulfilling the wishes of critically ill children from the ages of 3 and 18, through Tamanna.

    Discover the wondrous rooms 

    1. MESHWAR, by Gregory Gratziella
    2. URBAN FOREST, by Nada Debs
    3. HOPE, by Samer Alameen
    4. Helem by Hania Rayess 
    5. OASIS, by Rania Cortbawi
    6. The Hills Are Alive By Bokja 
    7. Helem by Hania Rayess
    8. Hope by Samer El Ameen 

    Central seating spaces come to life

    • Ahlan w sahlan, by Georges Mohasseb
    • Aadeh by Maria Oussaymi
    • Breakfast Area on the first floor by Rola Kaddoura Vincent

    Number of rooms 8
    Number of guests 16
    Price range $$