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Beit Laure

    Anfeh, Koura district

    Born and raised in Anfeh, three brothers have decided to renovate their family home, open its doors to the world and name it after their mother’s first name: Laure. Known for her generosity and her incredible hospitality, she embedded her magic in everything she created: From delicious Lebanese seafood delicacies prepared in families and friends’ gatherings to her great hospitality catered to everyone who visited her.

    Beit Laure will take you to a must needed retreat away from the fast pace of the cities. Unwind and relax in this mesmerizing place and let the family’s remarkable hospitality guarantee the enchanted stay you need. Graced with various elements from their childhood home, this guesthouse is a beautifully authentic nest of three rooms scattered between different, distinguished by a rustic and a modern charm.

    Number of rooms 3
    Number of guests 8
    Price range $$$