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Beit Jeddé

  • table d'hôtes

Mtein, Matn district

Beit Jeddé invites you to the heart of the wonderful and historical Mtein. In a carefully renovated traditional village house, you will find the best of Lebanese hospitality. More than just a guesthouse, they are a café, a traditional mouneh boutique and a community hub. Beit Jeddé is a project by Boukra, an NGO promoting the preservation of our cultural and natural heritage, as well as the dissemination of sustainable lifestyles.

More than anything else, they are an open, friendly and safe space ​meant for sharing experiences, creating memories and becoming part of a community. If you're looking for an authentic, immersive and relaxing village experience, then Beit Jeddé is the place to be. Whether for a short staycation, a hiking trip or just for lunch or a coffee under the grapefruit tree in the garden, they are happy to help you organize the perfect stay. While they welcome guests for a stay in the guesthouse, they will also serve home cooked meals and cater to small festive gatherings.


Number of rooms 2
Number of guests 4
Price range $