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Beit el Qamar

  • table d'hôtes

Deir el Qamar, Chouf district

Beit El Qamar sits on a hill above Deir el Qamar, Lebanon’s old capital, adorned with Emir palaces and a unique old residential quarter. Beit El Qamar is surrounded by vegetable gardens and colorful terraces. The garden floor of Beit El Qamar is dedicated to the making and eating of food. The large, open kitchen is where you can watch Beit El Qamar’s cooks prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next to the kitchen is a cozy indoor dining area which looks unto the garden terrace, where you can eat in the shade of the trees, have a drink on the Stayhha overlooking Beiteddinne, or just relax in a lounge chair or a bean bag. The first floor of the house has spacious, communal living areas. You can gather around the Sobia, along the pink table, or sink in the plush cushions of the projection room. Two bedrooms are on the first floor, Granma’s and Granpa’s room. They are spacious with a bathtub, a large balcony, and a far-reaching view of the Chouf mountains. On the second floor are five rooms with private bathrooms and balconies that look on to the mountains, the Damour valley and Beiteddinne.


Number of rooms 8
Number of guests 16
Price range $