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Beit Douma


Douma, Batroun district

Perched at an altitude of 1000 meters in the heights of Batroun, Beit Douma watches over the mountain and its splendid fields of olive trees. This traditional Lebanese house from the 19th century impresses by its stone facade, its windows with triple arches and its vaulted ceilings. The Beit Douma project is a continuation of Souk El Tayeb, the weekly farmers' market in the heart of Beirut. Just as the market and its rural products bind communities together and support agriculture on a human scale, the restoration of this old Lebanese house contributes to the promotion of the village of Douma and the preservation of Lebanese heritage. The walls of Beit Douma are like silent guardians of a rich and sumptuous past. At Beit Douma, guests don't only find a room to sleep in, but also a house to live in that associates them with the local social fabric.


Number of rooms 5
Number of guests 10
Price range $$$