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Beit Ammiq


Ammiq, West Bekaa district

There are few landscapes as captivating and breathtaking as Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Fields of green stretch out like a scene from a painting, as far as the eye can see; a panoramic view that you can now take in at Beit Ammiq. This guesthouse is located in Ammiq, a tranquil village that sits on the eastern slopes of Mount Lebanon and overlooks the West Bekaa’s fertile plains. The spirit of Beit Ammiq mirrors that of the village’s inhabitants: generous, welcoming, and committed to the land. It is an ideal spot to relax, contemplate, experience unforgettable natural surroundings, and have a delicious bite to eat under the warmth of sunshine or the glow of a starry-lit sky. 

Beit Ammiq is part of the Souk El Tayeb project, which works to promote and preserve national heritage. The Ammiq project is a truly authentic experience that marries the agricultural traditions of the village’s inhabitants with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Located near the guesthouse, Tawlet Ammiq is a place for guests to enjoy traditional meals and the most well-kept secret recipes, prepared with love and the freshest ingredients by local cooks.


Number of rooms 3
Number of guests 6
Price range $$