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Al Haush Agritourism

  • pool
  • sunset spot

Haush el Ghanam, Baalbak district

Al Haush is an elegant country estate in the heart of Central Bekaa countryside, just a short drive from Rayak, Zahle. The estate is as well within easy reach of West Bekaa, an area known for its natural beauty and its vineyards. Today, it is an agro-guesthouse and a working farm in Central Bekaa, but like other spots in this glorious countryside, it was first settled during the Neolithic times and was famous during the Roman times, when the Bekaa valley used to be known as the granary of Rome (Grenier de Rome). 

The Bekaa valley's rich background, from ruins to vineyards and stunning landscapes makes it one of Lebanon’s richest regions in heritage and nature. From the earliest days to date, its endless green valley has attracted all generations of farmers who have lived from its generous lands. Here, communities spread over villages made of mud houses and separated by a yard, called “haushs” in Arabic, where farmers lived with their families, cattle and their harvest. From up north Hermel down to Rashaya in the southern part, the Bekaa is still home today to more than 18 “haushs” that have become an intrinsic part of the inhabitants’ lifestyle and identity. While all of them carry beautiful legacies, one eternalises nostalgia, turning a family story into a daily celebration of authenticity.


Number of rooms 14
Number of guests 63
Price range $$$