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Abdelli Terraces

  • restaurant
  • Lebanese cuisine
  • pet friendly

Abdelli, Batroun district

Abdelli is a typical Lebanese village perched at about 600m above sea level in the region of Batroun, less than 15 minutes away from the beach. The beauty of the landscape and the history that oozes from the old rocks and houses give the area a perfect harmony that makes it an ideal place for relaxation and culture. Abdelli Terraces is located on a hill next to the village of Abdelli. The inhabitants call it “dahr el jamal” because it looks like the back of a camel. From there, the view is breathtaking; green valleys plunging towards the sea, pine forests and mountain tops covered in snow. Beautiful walks in the region include old paths leading to the convents of Saint Rafka and Kfifane. 

The project stretches over several hectares. At its heart are the old abandoned Lebanese houses - transformed into a guesthouse - that set the tone of the village. The architecture of the project is inspired by these simple yet beautiful houses that embody Lebanese traditions and the inherent respect that our ancestors had for mother nature.


Number of rooms 3
Number of guests 5
Price range $$$