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Saj Stories

  • Lebanese street food
  • bakery
  • manakish & saj
  • mouneh & groceries

Gemmayzeh, Beirut district

Saj Stories originated as a pop-up concept in Rome, Italy. It quickly became a platform for social and cultural exchange, collaborating with small businesses and NGOs to bring people together. Lebanese food curator and interior designer, Rita Chahine, now spearheads the latest café and retail shop in Gemmayzeh.

The traditional Saj, made with wholewheat flour and coated in a crunchy crust of corn flour, is a canvas for all menu items at Saj Stories. The flavor combinations are designed to share new perspectives, using wholefoods and locally sourced products from across Lebanon. Specialty menu items combine fresh produce with traditional ‘mooneh’ preserves.

Saj Stories also offers a variety of herbal infusions and coffee blends for purchase, along with a range of Lebanese ‘mooneh’ brands. The space is located on Gouraud Street in Gemmayzeh, where people can connect through food and experience.