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Dbayeh, Matn district

Born of a Lebanese descent, Ziad Nakad knew from his very early teens that he was to work in fashion. Since his young years, he was attracted by eccentric fabrics, sheer embroideries and unconventional beadings, which married his designs back then, specially sketched for his family to wear. Encouraged by this genuine success, the talented young man decided to explore his passion for fashion further and embrace the art of dressmaking by studying in the field. In parallel, he mastered the art of couture by working with many famous fashion designers in Beirut. 

In 1997, he turned his dream into a career when he was invited to take part to the Beirut International Fashion Show for Couture and dressed renowned super models, such as Karen Mudler, Nadja Urman and Jennifer Driver. His first fashion show garnered much praise and opened the doors to a whirling series of defilés, sparking international interest for the designer. Such exposure led to another milestone to his career, with his first international defile in Milano in 2001, followed by another one in Cannes in 2003.